The "Sharzh I Pero" isn't just a newspaper of political cartoons. It is our response to the French newspaper "Charlie Hebdo".


We aren't seeking to offend anyone or to hurt anyone's religious feelings. We don't stir up ethnic hatred and enmity. For us, respect for the individual is paramount.


Our edition's team are the well-known Russian cartoonists – academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts, members of the Russian and Moscow union of artists and many others. 


But the "Sharzh I Pero" isn't bright and witty caricatures only, but also satirical verses about the most important events in Russia and all over the world. 


Among our most talented poets there are such famous masters as Alexander Vulykh, Vadim Stepantsov, Victor Chupretov…


We are often compared with the "Crocodile" that is a much better known satirical magazine of previous years. Of course, we have a lot in common, but also we have our own style and our own creative image.


The "Sharzh I Pero" is monthly issued newspaper and is distributed for free.



For cooperation, please contact:  sharzhipero@yandex.ru